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Fairbanks Museum CLOSED Due to Major Flood Damage

An Important Message for our Patrons

As some of you already know, our museum was hit hard by recent storms, including Hurricane Erin. This area has seen more rainfall in 2007 than in the entire recorded weather history of Central Texas, and the massive amounts of rain from Erin, compounded by nearly two months of nonstop rain earlier this season caused severe flooding here.

The museum did not take a direct hit from the hurricane, but unfortunately we *did* suffer flooding on the first floor of our building, forcing us to close our doors and cancel all scheduled exhibits until further notice.

As a precaution before the storm, we moved everything of value up to the second floor, so our collections suffered no damage. That is the good news. The bad news is, mold has infested nearly the entire first floor, making conditions unsafe for the artifacts and our visitors. Until the carpet can be completely stripped/replaced, and the air duct system thoroughly cleaned, we've had to close down the entire building.

Our collections have been moved temporarily into climate-controlled archival storage offsite, where they will remain until the repairs are completed and we can safely reopen our doors again.

At this point our board is discussing possible options: once the flood damage has been fully assessed, we must decide whether to stay in our current building or move. As this area has always been prone to flooding, we realize that it will always be a risk.

While things could have been much worse (Erin hit the midwest with even more rain than we had here in Texas!), this has been an unexpected disaster for our very small museum. We feel so grateful that our rare collections were spared entirely,but we also realize there is a very long and difficult road ahead. While the future is difficult to predict, we hope to reopen by 2009 or sooner.

During this period of transition, we plan to keep our digital collections online for visitors to enjoy. During our regular hours of operation, we will have a reduced number of staff available via email or phone at (512) 233-2214 for research inquiries and general information. Access to the collections by researchers will be available on a limited basis; we are still able to provide digital scans, photocopies, and other materials upon request.

Donations of labor, supplies, and money are starting to filter in slowly, thanks to all who have stepped up to lend a hand. Please help us keep the Douglas Fairbanks legacy and silent film history alive with a small contribution if you can:

* If you would prefer to make a donation of materials, please contact the museum for more details about our current needs.

Another way you can help is by making a purchase at our Online Gift Shop, where every item you choose benefits the museum.

We want to express our deep appreciation to everyone who has kept us in their thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.

Please stay tuned to our "news" page for updates and future announcements. Thank you.


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